1. Download TronLink (wallet)

First, go to Tronlink (https://www.tronlink.org/) and download the wallet app. The TronLink wallet is convenient and easy to use as it supports all TRC-20 tokens issued on the Tron (TRX) blockchain.

・ Tronlink wallet download procedure
First of all, if you download the app, you will see a screen like this.
①Enter your favorite character string.

If you proceed to the next screen, you will be taken to the password creation screen.

②Enter any password.
The password must be 【contains one or more uppercase letters】【contains one or more lowercase letters】 【contains one or more numbers】【8 or more alphanumeric characters】

* Please refer to the image below

③ Please re-enter the password you entered on the previous screen.

* See the image below

Next is the wallet backup work. This is a very important task, so be careful. If you forget your password, lose your mobile data, or lose it, you can restore your assets with this backup. When you open the page, the following page will be displayed, and there is a note written on it, so check it and then press the 【Buck up now】 button.

When you move to the next screen, the page with the following 12 character strings will be displayed.
Make a backup of this string.
Write on paper or take a picture with an offline (not connected to the internet) camera. You will need to enter this letter on the next screen, so be sure to write it down or take a picture. By the way, if you share this string with others, they will be able to move their assets freely, so it is definitely recommended to manage it by yourself.

When you proceed to the next page, you will be taken to the screen where you can select the specified phrase as shown in the image below, so select the specified keyword.

Your Tronlink wallet is now complete. If STEP proceeds without any problem, you can proceed to the wallet screen below.

2. Add the contract address of PN and display PN.

When the wallet is complete, add the PN contract address and let the PN appear in your wallet!
Please click the + part referring to the image below.

Click the plus + button to move to the screen below. Copy and paste the PN contract address into the form above. ・ PN contract address

If PN is displayed on the wallet screen as shown below, it is complete.

Expansion to the world! You can buy PN at Sunswap for a low fee.